Bigger Than Me: Kids Explore Philadelphia

Bigger Than Me Cover

Run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky! Explore Fairmount Park, the largest city park in the United States! See the city from the observation deck atop City Hall! These are just a few of the great sites you can visit on a tour of the City of Brotherly Love. For over 300 years, Philadelphia has been a place where big ideas make a difference. The city’s founders were big thinkers, and evidence of their creativity and imagination can be seen all around town in the art, architecture, parks, historical landmarks, and cultural institutions. Now you and your family can visit all of these great places with the help of the Bigger Than Me guidebook!

Illustrated by students of the Russell Byers Charter School, Bigger Than Me is a unique companion book that guides visitors through Philadelphia’s landmarks and examines the big ideas behind them. It encourages everyone to use their creativity and imagination to understand our city’s history and culture and to experience all it can teach us.

Fun facts, a map, and a place for kids to draw their own favorite landmark make Bigger Than Me a great keepsake of your special visit to Philadelphia. Big ideas are all around, if you only know how to look!

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Museum stores and visitor centers can carry copies of Bigger Than Me at their locations.

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*All proceeds benefit the Russell Byers Charter School.