Public Comment Policy

Be it hereby resolved that the Board of Trustees adopt the following guidelines for the Public Comment period of its meetings:

The purpose of the Public Comment Period during meetings of the Board of Trustees is to provide the opportunity for the public to offer feedback, identify opportunities or raise issues directly to the Board. The Board hears such comments at the particular point in the meeting specified by the Agenda. Comments to the Board may also be provided in writing to the Chairperson of the Board or at the front desk of the School.

  1. A member of the public who wishes to comment at a Board of Trustees meeting is required to register to speak 24 hours prior to the beginning of the board meeting. A request to comment must be made in advance of the meeting to Deborah Sperbeck by email ([email protected]) or phone (215-972-1700 ext1119). When the meeting is called to order, the list of individuals allowed to comment during the Public Comment Period will be presented to the Board Secretary.
  2. If time allows the Chairperson of the Board may grant individuals who did not register in advance to make a public comment.
  3. Speakers must limit their comments to three minutes. A speaker may not cede her/his time to another speaker.
  4. Public comments which are derogatory, disparaging, or otherwise create a personal attack against any individual will be ruled out of order.
  5. Speakers are requested to provide prior to the meeting 15 written copies of the intended remarks to Debbie Sperbeck for distribution to members of the Board of Trustees and for the minutes of the meeting.
  6. The Chairperson of the Board at his/her discretion may allow a discussion by the Board or conduct a dialogue with the individual(s) providing comment(s) following the Public Comment Period.