Ours for Life

We believe that each of our students are ours for life. True to our mission, we provide students with the roots of a strong education while they are with us, and the wings to succeed long after they’ve graduated from RBCS.

The Ours for Life program provides support and resources to each of our students every step of the way – beginning as a student at Russell Byers Charter School, continuing throughout high school, post-secondary/college education, and into their chosen career.

What We Provide

School Selection Counseling

Personalized counseling is available throughout elementary and middle school years to help 8th grade students and families apply for and select their next school. Our students move on to some of the highest quality, most competitive, and best rated special admission, private, and charter high schools in Philadelphia.

In addition to working with school admissions officers and counselors, we build relationships with outside academic and enrichment programs. These relationships serve as a bridge to opportunity between our students and organizations such as Stepping Stones, Breakthrough Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia Futures, and A Better Chance.

Career & College Preparation

Ours for Life provides a comprehensive college and career readiness program that begins in elementary school with in-class lessons, special field trips, and events such as career day.

In middle school, students continue to explore options for post-secondary education and career through in-class lessons and school events, and as well as expanded opportunities like in-person college visits in the Fall and Spring. (note that this element of the program is currently suspended due to Covid-19)

Alumni Support

As high school students, our alumni are given opportunities to attend college bus tours, apply for college scholarships through the Byerschool Foundation, obtain specialized post-secondary counseling and application assistance, and prepare for college entrance exams with access to an all expense paid Kaplan SAT Prep course.

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Ways to Connect

Ours for Life aspires to host a multitude of events and provide opportunities for alumni to stay connected with one another and with the Russell Byers Charter School community.

We also offer volunteer opportunities to assist in classrooms, present during Career Day, or become a “Big” (mentor) with our in-school Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program.

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Student Voices

Lotus, Class of 2015

“Once I graduated from high school I was awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Lotus, Class of 2015

Reggie, Class of 2014

“I know for certain that if I went to a different elementary school, I would not be the same person I am today.”

Reggie, Class of 2014