Academic Support

At Russell Byers Charter School, every student has equitable access to the instruction and support they need to thrive. We provide a positive and comprehensive school-wide system of support to meet student needs, monitor student progress, and evaluate outcomes.

Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS)

Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) is the integration of evidence-based instruction, interventions, and assessments to address the full range of student academic and behavioral needs present in today’s classroom.

In MTSS, the needs of all learners are identified and supported early through increasing levels of instructional intensity and time.

Tier 1 (All Students)

  • Universal Core Curriculum and Instruction: Curriculum designed and implemented to meet the needs of all students, including ELLs and bilingual learners, advanced learners, and students with disabilities
  • Positive Learning Climate
  • Promote social and emotional development through explicit curricula, along with integrated instructional practices

Tier 2 (Some Students)

  • For students whose needs are not met through universal, differentiated instruction and supports
  • Targeted, evidence-based interventions designed to meet specific need identified through a data-based decision making process
  • Progress monitoring is a key component and occurs bi-weekly

Tier 3 (Few Students)

  • Individualized Interventions
  • For students with the highest levels of need, highly-targeted and individualized academic and behavior strategies provide more intensive intervention and monitoring.


Special Education

A special education evaluation is usually the next step if students don’t make enough progress in Tier 3.We provide an extensive range of special education services for students with diverse needs including, but not limited to, learning support, emotional support, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, physical therapy, hearing support, vision therapy, and transition services.  We also provide English as a Second Language services and 504 Accommodations and Supports.  broad array of supplementary aids are available to support students’ needs.

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For questions about special education services, please contact our Director of Special Education, Michelle Ottey, at [email protected].