SEPTA Student Fare Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will students be responsible for their assigned SEPTA Student Fare Card?

A: Yes, each student is responsible for their SEPTA Student Fare Card and expected to maintain the card for the duration of their time enrolled in the school.

Q. How do students gain access to transportation if there is a problem with the SEPTA Student Fare Card and/or SEPTA hardware? Will the operator permit them to ride?

A. Students can show the SEPTA Operator the SEPTA Student Fare Card and at the Operator’s discretion, the student may be permitted to access free transportation services. Ridership issues should be reported by the student to the school as soon as possible. Students should complete the SEPTA Student Fare Card Issue Tracking Form which is available on the SEPTA Student Fare Card website at the following link:

Q. Will students have access to transportation if the SEPTA Student Fare Card was lost/forgotten?

A. The student will be responsible for getting to and from school that day. Replacement cards should be issued at the school’s discretion.

Q. Will there be resources for the parents to reference this change and how it works?

A. A slide deck will be available for all families on the Transportation Website at the link:

Q. Is there anything students/families need to do from home to prepare for the program?

A. Addresses provided to the school are utilized to determine eligibility. Parents/families should communicate any address change to the school.

Q. Will parents/guardians be given a SEPTA Student Fare Card to ride with their children to/from school?

A: No, SEPTA Student Fare Cards will only be issued to enrolled students who have been deemed eligible for transportation.